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If you’re going to play,

Play It Safe.

Gambling in Minnesota. What we learned, and why it matters.

A recent study found that 56,000 Minnesota adults struggle with problem gambling, and 162,000 more are at risk of addiction. See this important research for yourself.

What Does "Best Enjoyed in Moderation" Mean?

Unless you’ve lived under a rock, you know the phrase: “Enjoy in moderation.” But, those three words matter. Almost anything can trip you up if you don’t know when to stop, and that’s especially true for gambling. Knowing your limits is important, but so is acting on them.

When you’re spending more than you planned, or are counting on a big win, you’re playing with fire. That’s when moderation matters – you still have your fun, but know when to slow your roll.

We can’t escape risk

But we can choose the risks we take

Now we’ve got some questions for you.

Our three-question survey provides insight into whether or not gambling habits have maybe moved from recreational to something more problematic.